Research, development, design, quality and production

Design, research and development are always done in Switzerland. We work with artists, graphic designers, art cutters, gem setters and jewellers based in Switzerland.

Once the development is complete and the designs are made, we pass them on to our workshops. We attach the greatest importance to a high quality of production by paying particular attention to all the stages of manufacture.

Some of the production steps are carried out abroad. On the one hand to use the local know-how of certain regions, but also to allow us to offer you jewellery at affordable prices. Some jewellery, such as the rings in the Swiss Edelweiss collection, may require up to 10 different operations (moulding, finishing, etc.).

Gexist jewellery is made to the highest Swiss quality standards. Several times a year, Daniel travels all over Switzerland and abroad to find new stones and also to supervise certain stages of the manufacturing process.

We regularly check that the working conditions are respected and optimal in our workshops abroad.

In our workshops in Switzerland, we also carry out other operations: repairs, ring size adjustments, special jewellery manufacturing according to particular customer wishes, unique pieces, estimations, etc.

Gexist jewellery made abroad is sold in Switzerland, Europe and the world according to the highest Swiss quality standards. Several times a year, Daniel travels to South East Asia to purchase stones and to develop his new collections in his various workshops.